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Freeze in the Summer Causes Air Conditioning Repairs

June 22, 2018

These hot summer days and humid nights can take a toll on your trusty HVAC units, causing some hefty air conditioning repairs. 

One day you are sitting in your nice 68 degrees home enjoying a glass of ice tea when the next the next minute to start sweating even with 5 fans pointing at you because your air conditioning unit froze up.  

Yes- you heard us correctly!  There is actual ice on the outdoor unit, even in this incredible heat.  Amazing- right?

Both amazing and bad.  Really bad!
There are several reasons why your Air Conditioning unit will freeze up, but first, let's consider some of the consequences of a frozen air conditioner.

A frozen air conditioner will not cool your home.
This is the main reason why a frozen air conditioner is bad, it will not work properly and you will be stuck in a hot and humid house with no way out!  But- if you let the problem persist, it can also damage your entire system.

The main thing about ice is that it expands.  When the ice collects on your HVAC unit it can expand enough to break parts of it.  If you don’t catch the problem soon enough, you wont just be hot and uncomfortable- you could potentially be looking at an expensive air conditioning repair.

Dirty air filters can cause this problem.
If your air conditioning unit is frozen up and you can remember the last time you have changed your air filters, you have probably just identified the problem!  The dirtier your air filter gets, the more it restricts airflow through your system. If you change or clean your air filter per the instructions you will be fine.  But if you are a forgetful person and neglect your filter for months, possibly years- you are causing harm to your system.

Don’t forget to change your filters every couple months to prevent a freeze up so you don’t have to spend all your summer happy hour money on new air conditioning repairs to keep you cool!

Helping Hands
Luckily over at MaxAir, we know how to spot this before your air conditioning freezes up.  For those of you located in the city with those hard to get to AC units, we are there to help.  For any type of air conditioning repairs in Baltimore MD, we are there to assist you.  No one wants to be stuck in a house that is hot and humid when it is already 98 degrees outside.