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HVAC Maintenance

Reap The Benefits Of Becoming A MaxAir Maintenance Policy Holder

We offer a wide array of special deals, discounts and services to our customers who opt to receive ongoing maintenance.

As a MaxAir maintenance policy holder you can expect to receive only the finest service available. All of our employees are highly trained to handle your needs. From our office staff to the technicians in the field, one universal vision is the same: "Exceed our customers expectations."

MaxAir customers who choose to enroll in MaxAir's maintenance membership will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased utility savings

  • Lower repair cost annually

  • More efficiently running equipment

  • Fewer mechanical breakdowns

  • Increased equipment life expectancy

  • Real time understanding of equipment condition

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Priority scheduling

  • Discount on parts

  • Discounted diagnosis fee


During residential Maintenance we check the following:

  • Refrigerant Pressures

  • Heat Exchanger- Primary*Secondary

  • Safety Control Operations

  • Vent Piping- Chimney For Proper Draft

  • Relays, Contacts, Thermostats, And Capacitors

  • Motors, Wheels, Pulleys, And Props

  • Clean Evaporator And Condenser Coils

  • Clean and treat Drain, Pipes And Pans

  • Furnace Temp Rise

  • A/C Temp Differential

  • Clean Blower Assembly

  • Check and tighten all Exposed Electrical Connections

  • Tighten Any Loose Bolts Or Screws- Lubricate Moving Parts

  • Defrost Cycles

  • Aux Back Up Heat Operations

  • Gas Furnaces

  • Air Filter

  • Gas Leaks In Furnace

  • Visually Inspect For Refrigerant Leak

  • Clean Flame Sensor

  • Clean Burners And Pilots

  • Carbon Monoxide Levels

  • Proper Voltage- Amperage

  • Igniters

  • Ductwork At Furnace For Excessive Leakage

  • Visual Observation of System for Safe Proper Ops


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