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Automation Bringing Your Home All Together

March 24, 2017

Automation Bringing Your Home All Together

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about how intelligent automation is disrupting everyday business and making our lives better than we ever knew we needed. In the last few years especially, we’ve seen how technology has personalized our lives with the likes of Uber, iTunes, Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify just to name a few premier players. This latest wave of automation and choice is reaching the home front and integrating multiple functions to help the consumer customize their lives even more. 

To compete in this new space, Carrier is now offering a new level of whole-home automation with their Cor Home Automation System. Soon to be part of the service catalog at MaxAir, the Cor integrates heating/cooling, door/window locks, smoke/Carbon-monoxide detectors and surveillance – all through an individual smart device.

To begin with, the Cor System delivers a great degree of flexibility to the consumer. Starting with a basic home monitoring configuration, homeowners can add capabilities as their lives evolve. The Cor System starts where most home automation systems leave off - providing differentiating features that make it the smart choice:

One touch app: Accessible via smart device, Carrier’s one-touch app gives users control from anywhere in the world.

Expandable: In addition to the remote thermostat, users can add monitoring controllers for Carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors, door/window locks, internal or external cameras that store video clips locally to the camera in your home vs. in the cloud for added security and privacy.

No minimum fee: While most home automation systems require a minimum fee or subscription for monitoring services, the Cor System is free* – providing you a smart home at a smart price.

Cost savings: Controlling the thermostat through the Cor’s hub, homeowners can realize up to a 20% savings on heating and cooling costs.

Programmable for your life: The system can create different profiles that meet any family’s needs during working hours, weekend hours and even during vacation.

Choice for consumers: The Cor Home Automation System provides unparalleled choice for the consumer, going beyond singular HVAC services.

The Cor Home Automation System is the new trend that integrates privacy, security and monitoring needs with the help of intelligent automation. Consumers and vendors can get excited about this new capability and are encouraged to watch this space for new trends in HVAC and now AUTOMATION!


*The Cor Home Automation System requires hardware and installation costs but no ongoing fee for monitoring services.