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Furnace and air conditioning filters

July 20, 2017

A furnace filter is a removable screen that is located between the air intake and furnace motor. The purpose of the filter is to stop airborne particles and dust from entering and producing damage to the furnace. Without a filter, the furnace can become clogged and work harder – over time, this could lead to a breakdown of the unit which is a costly – and preventable – expense. This is why changing the furnace filter is the easiest preventative maintenance every homeowner can perform throughout the year.

While it’s recommended to change the filter twice each year, some people forget when they last changed it. Whether it’s on a calendar, the basement wall or using your smart phone, homeowners should work to get into a routine each year to maximize the hard work their filters perform for the home.

Clean air in the home can have an impact not only on your expenses but can make you healthier! The purpose of having a clean AC or furnace filter is to filter out all the dust, dust mites, germs and bacteria that are floating in the air around you. A clogged filter can’t do its job if it’s not properly maintained.

Another reason to maintain clean filters is to pull warm or cool air from spaces in your home (depending on the season) to keep the AC or furnace running at optimal efficiency. When your filter is clean – the unit doesn’t have to work as long or as hard. Obviously, when running at peak performance, you’ll notice the difference in the energy bill!

It’s important know when your last filter change occurred. Leaving a filter in too long will increase your electric bill and will guarantee that there will be problems with the air conditioning unit. Almost half of all air conditioning service calls are water leak related and a good portion of those calls happen as a result of people not changing their filters regularly.

Some might argue that air filters are expensive. While it’s partially true, homeowners generally can find a better price online vs. going to the local hardware store, or buying directly from a dealer. When compared to the cost of a new compressor – the price tag for a new filter doesn’t seem so bad. Homeowners will do themselves a great disservice by ignoring this important home maintenance step. So, while it’s hard to look outside and think about winter, think about the time and money you’ll save by putting in the legwork now. Go down to the furnace room, get the measurements and place your order. You’ll be glad you did!