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Should you Replace Your Furnace? 7 Signs to Tell if it's Time

September 26, 2022

Every homeowner eventually has to face the question of whether or not they need to replace their furnace and if now is the right time. Maybe the furnace is getting older or perhaps it is simply causing problems. Whatever the case, deciding if you want to replace your furnace right now is a tough decision. 


In Maryland, the average cost to replace a furnace is between $2000 and $6000. We’ve yet to meet anyone who happily wants to spend that sort of money on a new furnace (though they do enjoy the benefit once it is installed.) So, it’s important for homeowners to know when it is actually time to replace it and when it can go a little longer. 


To help you understand if it really is time for a replacement, we’ve laid out the tell-tale signs. 


7 Signs to tell if your furnace needs to be replaced


Constant problems and repairs


All machines break down over time. As a furnace runs, its parts will wear down and need replaced over time. This is simply the nature of the machine. Sometimes these repairs are small and simple, sometimes the problems are a little more complex. But regardless, repairs are part of owning a furnace. 

When this becomes a problem is when it begins happening year after year (or more often) then it’s a sign that the furnace itself should be replaced.


Sounds weird or smells weird


If your furnace is making rattling, screeching or banging noises or has an odd odor, it could be a sign that there are internal issues. When you first turn on the furnace for the year, there may be some musty smells, but these should dissipate after the furnace runs for some time. 

When there is a persistent odor or strange sound, it could mean that there are cracks, corrosion, or other structural problems within the furnace.


Not adequately warming the home


Some homeowners are OK dealing with the year to year repairs. Sometimes they try to ignore the strange sounds coming from the furnace. But, when the furnace is unable to heat the home, then most homeowners are ready to do something about it. 

A failing furnace may be unable to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Before it gets to that point, a warning sign is that the home has uneven heating from room to room. 


Not cycling (ie. performing oddly)


When a furnace is functioning normally, it will turn on when the temperature dips below the appropriate temperature and will turn off once it reaches the desired temperature. This is called cycling. 

A furnace that potentially needs replaced, will not cycle properly. It will either seem to have a mind of its own turning off before it’s warmed or letting temperature dip too low, or it will seem to run all the time. 



There has been excessive dust or dirt build up


Many homeowners begin to notice excessive dust or dirt in the home or around the vents but they don’t think it could have anything to do with the furnace until other problems begin to occur. 

Sometimes this is simply due to the homeowner forgetting to replace their filter or it was not properly installed. However, it could be signs that the furnace is not working properly and is in need of a replacement.


Energy bills are continually going up 

As a furnace ages, it becomes less efficient. Older furnaces have to work harder in order to provide the same output as they once did. This is also why an older furnace struggles to warm a home like it once did. 

If you notice that your energy usage is up significantly from the previous years it could mean that your furnace is on its last legs. 


Your furnace is old


Furnaces tend to last 15-20 years. They certainly can last beyond that, but a good rule of thumb is that once a furnace gets to be that old it is nearing the end of its life. 

Age in and of itself may not be a sole indicator for replacing a furnace. However, if it is not performing well or needs a repair, the best option may be to just go ahead and replace it. 


Look to the pros for furniture replacement and installation in Maryland

When it comes to replacing a furnace, most homeowners want to make sure it is the right decision. They want to know that they really need a new furnace and they want to know that the professionals involved will get the job done right. This is why it’s important to find skilled and honest HVAC professionals in your area. 


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Don't ignore the signs! There are common signs that indicate that your HVAC systems may be failing and are in need of an upgrade.