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Smart HVAC Systems to Upgrade Your Home Or Office

January 18, 2023

A smart HVAC system is an HVAC system (the various equipment and components) that utilizes smart technology for remote or automatic control. Smart HVAC systems are designed to provide convenience and energy efficiency in heating and cooling. 

It can be a confusing concept because the use of the term is still very broad. To some, a smart HVAC system means complete automation of temperature, vent adjustments, and prioritization of heating/cooling without needed assistance from a human. To others, it simply means they can set preferences and control their system remotely. 

Regardless of your understanding, we want to help you better understand the benefits and if it’s right for you.


Benefits of Smart HVAC systems

Smart technology has enhanced our lives in a number of ways and now it can enhance your heating and cooling. Both homeowners and businesses are finding many benefits from smart HVAC systems.

These benefits look very different from application to application, but there are three major benefits that HVAC systems provide.

  • Improved Comfort

  • Convenience

  • Cost Savings

Smart systems bring more convenience and control which ultimately brings about improved comfort and cost savings. 

Imagine turning up the heat shortly before you return home on a cold winter night so that you arrive at a warm home. What if you didn’t have to check (then double-check) all the thermostats in your office before leaving for work? What if you could simply set them to a predetermined temperature before leaving and double-check all of them at once from a single app?

Smart HVAC systems also bring about long-term cost savings by allowing better control over the system. On a basic level, it lets you adjust the temperature when you are already gone to avoid heating and cooling when it’s unnecessary. With more complex systems, automation can be used to deliver heating and cooling only in the necessary places at the necessary times. 


The Most Common Smart HVAC Option 

When most people think of a smart HVAC system, what they really want is a smart thermostat. This is one of the most common smart HVAC tools and it can make your life much easier. 

A smart thermostat allows you to set preferences and manage your heating and air conditioning. You can set your preferences to automatically adjust and can control the temperature wherever you are. 

Are you cold in bed and want to bump up the heat without getting out of the covers?

Do you want to remotely control all the thermostat settings throughout your building?

Did you leave for work but can’t remember if you adjusted the thermostat before leaving?

With a smart thermostat, you can save energy, prioritize usage, and conveniently control your HVAC system wherever you are.


Additional Types of HVAC smart products

A complete smart HVAC system takes a lot of moving pieces. In order to provide full automation like some desire, it takes a number of different pieces of equipment. 

  • Smart vents

  • Sensors

  • Smart thermostats

  • Smart Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

These various products work in tandem to create the optimal environment for each space and can maximize efficiency based on individual needs. 

As technology advances, we will continue to discover new ways to use smart systems to enhance our heating and cooling operations.


Is an investment in smart technology worth it?

Depending on your goals, a smart HVAC system may or may not be worth it for you. While it may boast of cost savings, these savings are realized over a number of years and one has to consider the costs of the upfront investment. 

Is it worth it for you? Here are a couple of scenarios that indicate smart HVAC is worth it for you:

  • Want the convenience and comfort

  • Have eco-friendly goals 

  • There is wasted heating and cooling happening in unoccupied rooms

On the other hand, a homeowner who does not care about convenience and anticipates buying a new home in a couple of years may not find the investment worth it for them. 

As we stated, it comes down to what your HVAC needs and preferences are.


The challenge of adding a smart HVAC technology to current systems

One last point to note is that not all equipment is smart technology friendly. Some older HVAC equipment is unable to be upgraded with smart technology making smart additions to current systems sometimes a challenge. Many full smart systems are often new installations because it’s easier to implement and makes better economical sense.

But, it’s not always impossible to gain smart technology upgrades. Most systems are at least compatible with smart thermostats. The best way to know for sure is to consult with a local HVAC company that handles smart technology upgrades. 

We think all homeowners should be aware of the importance of keeping your heating and cooling units well maintained, especially during the off seasons. As one of the top heating and AC contractors in Maryland, we know the benefits of maintaining healthy equipment all year round.