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Winter is Coming - What to do when your central heating system goes down

November 22, 2017
Snow is falling in droves outside and your central heating system just went out. When your central heating goes out, it can be extremely stressful. During winter storms or extremely cold conditions, you can sometimes you lose your central heat. This can be late at night or when you are busy and can’t easily schedule an appointment. When you lose you heat your mind begins to race, wondering what you need to do next. While worrying can come easily in this situation, don’t start stressing. There are several things you can do immediately to help you and your family warm up and delay stressing out. Don’t worry just yet; we’ve got you covered:
  1. A Temporary Fix: Small heaters are sold in a variety of places. They can range from $15 to a few hundred. You can easily place a few around a main room you and your family can stay in, or you could scatter them throughout several rooms. Don’t forget to keep it away from clothing, trash and curtains!
  2. Layers, Layers, Layers: Grab the hats, gloves, scarves and jackets and get warm. Sitting together is also helpful, as body heat is a classic way to warm up. Gather all of your blankets, including bed sheets. Every layer helps. Dress in heavier clothing and layer it up. 
  3. Use What’s Left: If you have a wood stove or a fireplace, utilize those resources as a quick fix. A gas stove is not recommended as it could lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. You can also light several candles and place them throughout your home. Close your curtains to prevent even the smallest drafts from outside.  Line your windows and doorways with towels to prevent drafts as well. 
  4. Have Thanksgiving Again: Use your stove or your oven and cook up a storm. Eating warm food will keep you warm. In addition, the excess heat from the stove and oven will warm your home. 
  5. Call Us: Call your HVAC guy at MaxAir. It’s more than just a simple repair. It’s all about the service. Not only will we completely diagnose your whole system, but also we do our very best to get you a same-day repair. We are a flat rate company, and we are always doing our best to provide our customers with the very best service. We also offer financing. During the Christmas season, financing can be a present of its own just for you. 
Not all hope is lost! There are still plenty of ways you and your family can avoid the cold while your heat is gone. Use your resources and try to remain calm. It won’t last forever. Fixing your heat is just one call away. Call your HVAC guy at MaxAir today. Give us a call at 410.412.7355 or visit us on the web:

On May 23, a special order was placed (and delivered) to one of our installers: Tony Baldwin and his wife, Taylor, welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Tessa to the world.