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MaxAir: Keeping Maryland Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Running All Summer Long

May 31, 2019

When it comes to Refrigeration and air conditioning, make sure your home is ready to take on the summer heat.

The team at MaxAir is the go-to for all things heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning in Maryland. We handle all commercial HVAC repairs and maintenance issues, but also take care of all residential AC repairs.

Here in Maryland, we all know to expect another hot and humid summer—making this the worst time of year for your two most important appliances to shut down; your refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

This time of year, most of our requests are for air conditioning repairs and refrigeration repairs. As HVAC professionals, most homeowners who wait until the last minute to have their appliances checked, end up with all kinds of HVAC disasters—And they always come at the worst possible moments, during the worst time of year.

That is why we are here to remind you to make sure, before every day is a heat wave, to have your AC unit checked and tested, and ready to take on the summer. Also, there is no way you can let your big summer barbecue become ruined, because the freezer in the garage had a pre-existing leak or loose screw, and slowly stopped working over the week—especially if that means and all the burger meat goes bad and all the ice melts.

For fast, friendly, reliable refrigeration services, count on Maryland’s most trusted. We are committed to providing homeowners and property managers the best commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, installations, and repairs around. No one wants to go into another Maryland summer without a properly functioning air conditioner--also, if a broken AC unit, or any other HVAC disaster is too much of a risk of ruining your big summer barbecue, let us know. You can contact MaxAir; Maryland's top residential and commercial HVAC systems full-service companies, right here.